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Maltipoo Puppy Breed

Maltipoo puppy, also widely known as a designer breed, results from the cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. It is an ideal companion for individuals who are allergic to dog shedding.

Maltipoo puppies are friendly, outgoing, and train very fast. They tend to live happily in apartments and congested areas, unlike other dogs. They can suffer from separation anxiety as they attach to everyone around them. Due to their unique mannerism and traits, they are often pricey.

Besides a Maltipoo breeder, you can adopt them from dog shelters as well. In case you have a Matlpoo baby, remember that the offspring is successful at inheriting all the good qualities from their parent breed. Thus, it is best to provide your Maltipoo babies the same level of nourishment and treatment.

So, do you wish to know how to pamper your Maltipoo puppy breed so you can take the best care of your furry little friend? Well, then let’s get started:

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How To Care For A Maltipoo Puppy?

By nature, Maltipoo puppies are very loving and gentle. They get attached to humans quite quickly. Due to their warm personality, they demand extra care and attention from their owners, and here is how you can provide it.

  • They prefer to stay indoors mostly and are not much keen on going outdoors. Thus, a Maltipoo does not require a big backyard as they like running around in smaller spaces.
  • Maltipoos can get a bit noisy when they feel anything suspicious. They need training about when to bark and when not to so that the neighbors don’t get disturbed.
  • One of the most likable qualities about Maltipoo puppies is their ability to shed very little, as many people are allergic to dog hair. Still, they need daily brushing to maintain good hygiene. If not brushed frequently, they can develop skin infections.
  • To keep your white Maltipoo puppy clean and healthy, you should bathe them once a month. Also, trim their nails regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating inside. Not to forget, brushing their teeth two to three times a week will prevent them from stinking. It goes the same for all Maltipoo varieties; red and black Maltipoo puppies.
  • They enjoy indoor activities a lot, so; playing with them keeps them engaged and makes the training process fun and pleasurable.

How To Potty Train A Maltipoo Puppy?

Potty training your Maltipoo puppy helps them to learn discipline. They are innately good at picking up all your command which means, they can be potty trained faster than other dog types.

Maltipoo babies, widely known as teacups, are easy to potty train compared to their adult counterparts. Typically it takes around three months to train your puppy fully. It is better to start the guiding process soon so they can master the drill.

Keep the following things in mind when potty training your Maltipoo friend:

  • First, you need to find a specific spot for your puppy to perform the deed. It will help in making the whole process faster. An ideal place would be with less human activity so that your little partner can poo and pee with ease.
  • Keep a watch on your Maltipoo while it empties and stop it from roaming freely during that time. Doing so will help you control the pup well and set the rules as you want.
  • Another way to keep your dog on the right track is by positive reinforcement. Whenever they release on the spot where you wanted them to, reward them with a small treat.
  • A potty trip should be between ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, you should act with patience to let your Maltipoo puppy search for its perfect spot. 

Vaccines For Maltipoo Puppy:

Vaccinating your Maltipoo puppy is necessary to prevent it from getting infected. Usually, your doggo gets its first vaccine at six weeks of age. The right age to initiate the vaccination process is highly important. It determines if their body is strong enough to handle the immunity shots.

Besides, getting your pup vaccinated on time is mandatory as it allows the antibodies to form fully in its body. Secondly, take your dog to a reputable veterinarian so that they get the correct doses. Otherwise, most often, the veterinarian might try to inject unnecessary things into your furry friend.

The vaccines intake is between the ages of 6 to 12 weeks approximately. Some of the core vaccines given to the Maltipoo puppies include:

  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Canine
  • Infectious Hepatitis
  • Rabies ( dosage required every one to three years)

Some Regular Meals For Maltipoo Puppies:

A proper meal is crucial for the better growth and development of Maltipoo puppies. If your doggo is still at a tender age, free-feeding it is more beneficial. It will allow you to have control over what to feed and what to avoid. However, ensure to give them only fresh food, and the serving bowl should always be clean.

Maltipoo puppies require three meals a day regardless if they are a growing puppy or an adult. Besides, two to three snacks should be given in between the meals to keep them active and playful. Following a well-timed schedule will help them to be energetic throughout the day.

If you are feeding your pup a commercially manufactured food, it is compulsory to see what ingredients they contain. Good dog food should have a hundred percent natural elements and no artificial additives.

A Maltipoo puppy meal should have essential foods like:

  • Meat
  • Organs
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy Grains

So, if you are feeding your dog a home-prepared meal, it must include one of these. Add some minerals and vitamin powder to the feed so that they can get the essential nutrients they need.

How Big Can Maltipoo Puppies Grow?

Maltipoo puppies can have variations in sizes depending upon their Poodle parent. On average, a Maltipoo stands around eight to fourteen inches tall. Their standard weight lies between five to twenty pounds, placing them into the category of small dogs.

The puppies can reach their full size once they are about nine to thirteen months old. Having a toy or miniature Poodle determines significantly how the adult Maltipoo might turn out. Thus, it becomes difficult to establish precise measurements for the pup as genetics lead everything.

How Much Are Maltipoo Puppies?

So, how much is a Maltipoo?

Due to their skills and hypoallergenic coat, Maltipoo puppies are the favorite of many dog lovers. They are also relatively easier to train and super affectionate. It makes them come with an expensive price tag compared to other mixed breed dogs.

The average cost of a Maltipoo puppy falls between $400 to $4,000. The difference in the prices usually depends upon the color of the pup. Some varieties have more demand by the customers.

Puppies with a red, chocolate, or champagne color sell for about $8000 and can go up to $15,000. Similarly, black Maltipoo puppy is rare and thus frequently requested.

Other factors that can determine their price include size and age. Adult pups are sold at a lower price as most people look for younger variants. Similarly, you can get Maltipoo teacup for sale from Maltipoo breeders but it will cost more than a toy or miniature. 

How To Buy A Maltipoo Puppy?

Maltipoo puppies are a popular breed known for their distinctive qualities. However, there are some points you must consider when buying a Maltipoo pup.

There are plenty of animal sites that offer a decent variety of your favorite dog breed. But, it is necessary to buy a Maltipoo for sale from trusted and reputable Maltipoo breeders to avoid any mishap. As they are crossbreed, there is a high chance that one of their parents might be carrying some genetic disease. Most breeders would prioritize making money over thorough health checks.

Lastly, they are very costly as well. So, it is better to take your time and not rush things before buying a Maltipoo. It is ideal to consult someone with information regarding dogs that can help you make the right decision. If not, you can gather up some points researching yourself that will give you an edge.

Where To Buy Maltipoo Puppies?

You can come across many Maltipoo puppies for sale by searching for them online. There are some pet platforms where people leave ads for their animals. You can search by putting the term Maltipoo puppies near me. It is what sellers often opt for. You can then contact the seller and finalize the deal after meeting them to see the pup yourself, as sometimes, the pictures provided online can be misleading.

You can even find Maltipoos available for free adoption. However, before buying, make sure that the pup has been regularly vaccinated and possesses no risky infection. Thoroughly check the doggo for any visible sickness signs like sores or a foul odor.

One of the places for finding them is a dog rescue center but, it has a low chance. However, if you get lucky, you can get your hands on one there. 

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